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We are a procurement services company operating in various sectors such as Telecommunications, Constructions, Renewable Energy, Marine Equipment, Real Estate, Furniture, Security Systems, Agricultural Equipment, Industrial Machines, Industrial Chemicals, Perfume & Cream Making Machines, Watercrafts as well as in the Oil and Gas industry. We are service providers to both upstream and down stream sector. In recent time Avogadros & Pythagoras Ltd has been able to cut its teeth as one of the key players in its chosen business areas, providing unparalleled customers driven services.

There has been considerable expansion and increased volume of businesses in these various sectors of the economy including oil and gas industry both in the upstream and down stream sub-sectors. In our quest to capitalize on the expansion and to position our company for increased market share and market leadership, we have maintained the topmost position in satisfying and providing the best quality and reputable services to our clients. Avogadros & Pythagoras Ltd places special emphasis on the integration of marketing network and coordinating consultancy. These developments have successfully saved us in the provision of broad spectrum of services, which include: OIL & GAS, SOLAR ENERGY, MARINE EQUIPMENT, SECURITY SYSTEMS, STEEL & METAL WORKS, TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS, AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE, ELECTRICAL/INSTRUMENTATION CABLES, REAL ESTATE (Prefabricated Buildings), FURNITURE.


To be one of the best and most reliable Company in Nigeria, in terms of quality service delivery to the customers and clients. Providing the best quality operation, goods and services to the customers at the most affordable price possible

Achieving optimum returns on investments for our Share – Holders and other investing partners, while being a good corporate citizen by providing essential social partnership and services to our host community.

We major in Oil & Gas, Marine Equipment, Ships, Boats, Outboard Engines, Power Plant, Solar Energy, Water Purifier, Electrical/Electronics, Telecommunications/ Gadget, Instrumentations, Real Estate, Industrial Chemicals, Furniture, Building Materials, Beverages, Beauty Products, Perfume Making Machines, Food Processing Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Agro And Allied Products.

IN THE PETROLEUM SECTOR, we have been providing supply services to NGC/PPMC, SHELL (SPDC) NIGERIA, CHEVRON, TEXACO, MOBIL, NLNG, etc.. We have gained extensive experience by having a business relationship with these companies. We supply Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO), Russia Export Blend Crude Oil, D2, D6, JP54, LPG, AGO, LNG, UBCO, LCO, EN590, Mazut-M100, Crude Glycerine, R290 Refrigerant and Other Petroleum Products. Our company serves as a mandate to Oil Marketers both in Nigeria, Russia and Asia. We also supply in large quantities AGO: Automotive Gasoline Oil (diesel) DPK: Dual Purpose Kerosene PMS: Premium Motor Spirit (fuel) ATK: Aviation Turbine Kerosene (Jet A1 of aviation fuel). HHK: House Hold Kerosene (domestic use) LPFO: Low Pour Fuel Oil (known as black oil).

IN THE MARINE INDUSTRY, we provide solution to all marine concerns. We handle sales and leasing of Functional Ships, Barges, Security Boat, Patrol Boat, Scrap Vessels, Copper, Metals, Suction Pipe, Marine Airbags, Fenders, Floaters, Marine Gangways, Gangway Net, Inflatable Boats, Infantry Boat,  Safety Boat, Marine Clothes, Navigation, Deck, Fire Fighting, Nuzzle, Hose, Hose Coupling, Jet Spray, Hose Reel, Valves, Fire Hydrant,  Barges, Diesel Outboard Engines, Petrol Outboard Engines, Anchor & Docking, Boat Engines, Steering & Engine Control, GPS & Chart Plotter, Mooring Ropes, Piling Sheets, Boating Accessories, Marine Autopilot, Boat Engine Parts, Marine Electronics, Marine Radar, Navigation Tool, Boat Furniture, Cabin Galley & Deck, Communication, Electrical Supply, Fish finder & Sonar, Marine Instrument, Marine Safety, Plumbing & Pump, Trailers Parts, etc. We seek for contracts and partnership.

IN THE SOLAR ENERGY SECTOR, we are empowering Nigeria's MSMEs and off grid communities through the application of solar energy technologies. We are in business with Consistent Energy Ltd, a leading name in renewable energy in Nigeria and HYBRID POWER AUSTRALIA (HPA), a solar energy giant in Australia. Our aim is to become Nigeria's leading provider of solar products and services, with  projects potentially spanning all 36 States and the Federal Capital by 2025.

IN THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS SECTOR, We work with a UK based Satellite Communications company ASTY whose Vsat systems are used on the oil and gas drilling rigs and Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessels (FPSO). We also provide a telepod system of communications. A Telepod is a small IT communications hub housed in a portable, modular building. The prefabricated, solar-powered, and air conditioned  ICT facility runs autonomously. Mining, oil and gas, government, schools, health and remote communities use the Telepod to connect to telephone, public internet, and private data network services from nearly any remote location. By design, the Telepod ensures affordable, rugged, reliable, low maintenance, and self-sufficient ICT services to remote areas with no infrastructure.

We also represent another Australian Communications expert which specializes in the area of Global Assets Tracking, making field operations less chaotic and building the largest global network of connected field assets to provide operational intelligence. Global Asset Tracking  allows you to manage all assets - owned, rented or third party, equipment or vehicles - in a single system. We have a number of tracking solution for:
Vehicles, Cattle, Mobile Assets with 3G coverage or Satellite, Mobile Chemical Tank Level 3G or Satellite, Offshore Containers, Franc Tanks, Field Vehicles, Wellhead, Equipment, Generators, Trailers, Chemical Totes, Portable Pumps, Tank, Light, Towers, Offshore Frames, etc.

IN THE AREA OF SECURITY SYSTEMS , our Israeli Security Company, D-FENCE, is the best Homeland Security firm in the world.
D-Fence – General information:
D-fence, established 1994 is a private company that developed a worldwide unique. technology for electronic detection fencing. The technology was developed by a D-fence shareholder who originally developed the Magal technology. Based on its technology and products, D-fence also developed its control systems which are the basis for integrating and providing full turn key projects. Such projects include: Airports, Power Stations, Oil Installations, Government and Industry, Private Houses and Mansions, Cellular Telephony Installations, Water Installations and more. Projects were executed in Israel, Europe, South America Korea, and United States. D-fence, as part of its project practice, provides full turn-key solutions for installations including, Command and Control systems, CCTV, Communications, Perimeter Detection, access control and more.

In most cases D-fence uses its lead technology which has proven to lead to the apprehension of intruders and perpetrators under the hardest conditions including crashing a vehicle into the fence and their subsequent later return to enter the premises. D-fence systems, contrary to most competitors, works with Zero False Alarms under conditions of ground movement, vegetation, rain, train vibrations, strong winds, airplane jets, etc. Our proprietary technology is implemented within our sensors and field processors providing electronic signals proportional to the force applied on the sensor and the field processor with the proprietary software. Communications and power supply are designed to avoid system shutdown or malfunction following perpetrator attempts. The systems are easily used to protect tunnels, water passes and more. Our customer benefits are high level security while retaining low Total Cost of Ownership. Executed projects include borders, military and government installations, electrical power stations, oil installations, coal mines and respective transportation, airports, industrial facilities, VIP residences and much more. Projects and clients include: Border protection (IDF), Vodafone telecom (Portugal), PEMEX (Mexican Oil Co.), CFE, (Mexico Electricity Co.), Coal Mines (Cerrejon-Puerto Bolivar, Colombia), Tel Aviv, Airport, Yeosoo and Yeng Yeng airports in Korea and many more.Intro To D-Fence-Security-System.

Security For Mines, Pipeline Protection, Security For Prisons, Security For Borders, Security Alarm 1, Security Alarm 2, Security Alarm 3, Security Solutions For Airports, Security For Camps And Settlements,Security For Government Installations, Protection For Automated Teller Machines (ATM's), Homeland Security Consulting And Turnkey Solutions.


IN THE AREA OF STEEL & CONSTRUCTIONS, we hereby introduce our company, the Grand Master of Steel. Nanjing Grand Steel Company is the biggest and most experienced sheet piling manufacturer in China. The company has produced and exported the first sheet pile in China. During the past years Grand Piling Company cooperated closely with numerous big construction companies, piling contractors, piling stockists/traders , design institutions and gained vast experience in this field. Grand knows clients' every need and problem and the engineering team will design the most economical with competent offer for every inquiry.  This and many more are the reasons we proudly represent Nanjing Grand Piling Company in Nigeria.

Grand Piling is your first call when you are involved in civil foundation works, bridges, rivers, ports and harbours. We can supply all sheet piling and relevant accessories in a package. Our product can fulfil any project requirements. Length can be up to 60m, modulus of section up to 5500cm3/per single sheet pile.  We undertake any kind of complex fabrications, corner sections, extra welding, painting, etc. We are shipping to Nigeria every month. Clients like Shell Oil, Mainland Oil, Sea Truck Group, Gladtrico International, etc are all buying from us. We have a Soncap Certificate issued by the Standards Organization of Nigeria as a symbol of quality. We can produce exactly the size you ask for. 25// is 635mm, 40 ft is 12m long. Our production timeline is one month. Time on sea to Lagos port is around 35 days. Our price is based on CIF or FOB to Lagos or to any country. Terms of payment is 30 % deposit, balance to be paid after production. Our product range are: Steel Grade, Trench Sheet, Corner Section, Z Type Sheet Pile, U Type Sheet Pile, HZ Combine Wall, Tubular Combine Wall, Omega Type Sheet Pile, Straight Web Sheet Pile. Click to view our CATALOG.   

IN THE WORLD OF FURNITURE, we are the best furniture makers in the world with our manufacturing company based in Turkey. Our products are of high standards and prices are unbeatable with delivery from Turkey just on point. We are the largest and one-stop marketplace for Furniture, Home wares & Interior Decoration items in Nigeria featuring highly-customisable, quality and affordable items made by skilled craftsmen. Click here for our catalog. Catalog Series 1. Catalog Series2, Catalog Series 3, Catalog Series 4.

IN REAL ESTATE, we develop lands, sell and manage properties. We are actively involved with building designs and constructions of various types and uses vis-à-vis Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Mixed Use Developments, Religious, Educational, Recreational and Wellness Facilities etc. Our partner is a reputable Chinese building construction company with a track record in real estate with its specialty in prefabricated buildings (Modular and Container Homes) such as; Convinience Kiosks, Access Control House, Camp, Villa, Headquater Camp, Multi-Function Showroom, Fire Station, Sales Office, Landscape Hotel, Exhibition Hall, Science House, Office Camp, Sales Office, Engineering Camp, Factory Premises, Conference Kiosk, Access Control Room, Toilet, etc.

Modular is a construction method that involves constructing sections away from the building site, then delivering them to the intended site. Modular buildings, also called prefabricated homes or precision built homes, are built to equal or higher standards as on-site stick-built homes. The Modular House consists of a roof, foundation, columns and wall panels using the modular concept and technology. Every part is normal and we can assemble them easily. The house can be combined like building blocks to make it have different shapes. Modular homes are more eco-friendly than traditional building materials such as  bricks and cement. Although prefabricated, each design is different and customized.  Our pre-designed models are starting points, then they’re totally customized. They’re not one size fits all; no two are the same. Click to view.

Homes, Modular Hostels, Prefabricated Houses, Shopping Malls & Factories, Camps, Hangers, Schools, Poultry.

real estate developer

FOR LORRIES & AUTO ACCESSORIES, we produce and supply wiper blades for all kinds of automobile with our manufacturing office based in China. Our products are superior and adapts to all weather condition. Good wiper blades take care of the screen and save life during a heavy down pour. They are easy to fix and have a long lasting life span. We have a truck manufacturing company based in Italy and in China as well. Click to view our WIPER BLADES.

Our interest in the Perfume Industry has inspired us to liaise with Chinese based professional industrial machine manufaturers, and we have carved a niche in the area of manufacturing a state-of-the-art industrial equipment such as; perfume making machines, cosmetics making machines, pharmaceutical making machines, food processing machines, etc. To view our product line please click on INDUSTRIAL MACHINES and PERFUME MAKING MACHINES. We also deal in Portable X-Ray Flaw Detector.

We have the capability to be involved in any engineering activities which can be defined with one strong technical expertise; we also have the ability to develop innovative solution and the willingness to create tailored construction in every respect of engineering for heavy industrial Oil and Gas, Marine, Energy industries in Nigeria.

In the area of electrical wires and instrumentation cables, our company is in business with KABLEMETAL Nigeria Plc, one of the Project Managers, Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Facility Management Companies in Nigeria, a Nexans Affiliated Company. Kabelmetal Nigeria Plc a Nigeria-German Origin is the foremost leading and largest manufacturer of various ranges of Armored and Non-Armored Power Cables (XLPE, PVC Insulations), Cathodic Cables, Airfield Lightening Cables, Optic Fibre Cables, Aluminum Conductors, Instrumentation & Control Cables, House Wires, Fire Performances etc, Distribution and Transmission Transformers of different ranges in Sub - Sahara Africa.

Hear them. Our quality and service is acclaimed the best in the Sub Sahara- Africa region. We were the first local cable manufacturer to be awarded the internationally recognized 'ISO 9001'2008 Quality Award and BUREAU VERITAS Certifications, NCDMB & NIPEX Approved and Certified. Also, our standard fully complies with Nigeria International Standard (NIS), Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) 9001:2015, International Electro technical Committee (IEC), German (VDE) and British Standard (BS). Our watchword includes accurate measurement & good service delivery, and we are able to justify these prestigious awards.

We have established long standing relationships across segments like Oil and Gas companies, service engineering firms, Civil & Building Industries, Corporate Individual, Government Parastatals & Utilities e.g. PHCN, Mobil, Shell, Chevron, Total, Agip, Presco Plc, MRS Oil, Mechical & Electrical Contractors e.g. Pivot Engineering, Julius Berger Nigeria, Hi-tech, I.T.B., Aggreko Projects Nig. Ltd, Hitech Electro-Mechanical Co. Ltd, Saipem Contracting, Mercilia Technology Ltd, Nitel, ASB Valiant Ltd, TECO, Alpha Praxis, Sudelletra Nig. Ltd, Cakasa Engineering & Construction Ltd, JKN Ltd, Nairda Ltd, , REBs, Orri - Tech Nig. Ltd, Deawoo, HHI, SHI, Sageto Ltd, AMOG Engineering Ltd, Sterling & Wilson Nig. Ltd, ETCO, Century Group, Camac Nigeria Ltd, Aggreko Projects Ltd, West Africa Ventures, Income Electrix, Arab Contractors, Main stream Energy Ltd/Jebba Hydro, Techint Ciminotubi, Nigerdock, Samsung Korea, DBN etc and Telecommunication Companies. We are proud to be associated with

We also design and deliver services\cables in accordance with client\customer's specifications and in compliance with statutory authority requirements with reference to the above local & International standards.
Attached is our soft

Manufacturers' Representative
We have the expertise in representing manufacturing companies across the globe. We render the best and talented services elaborating about the product and its useful quality to the public. We ensure the normal procedures of marketing and securing the topmost position for the products in the Nigerian markets. This is being achieved through our incomparable marketing network system. We ensure the maintenance of the quality of the product and protect it from any form of duplication. We also select the most appropriate and economical method that will deliver a thoroughly useful and informative benefits to our principal company (producers) by applying direct marketing strategy which includes:.

Sales Promotion 
We package various sales promotions for our customers in the manufacturing sector, aimed at boosting their product sales after in depth research on the particular sales promotion approach that will best suit the product line of a given customer. Various models of promoting sales of customer’s goods.
Use of Display Vans
Use of Commission Sales Agents
Organization of specialized product Sales Exhibition at strategic locations.
Provision of Advisory Services based on research for the successful introduction of new products into the market to ensure good and total acceptability by the consumers and end users.
Workshop Presentations for manufacturer’s products. This is to ensure more education in our network to clients and customers through the use of Projectors, Media Billboard, TV Network Shows etc.

We seek to secure a Partnership or a Sales Representative Agreement between our company and any foreign company, private personnel or organization in any sector interested in doing business in Nigeria. The Partnership arrangement will see 
AVOGADROS & PYTHAGORAS LTD., providing the land and liaise with the government to obtain all the necessary licensing including concession for the partnership operations. And the foreign partner will be required to provide the technical equipment as well as technical manpower including backup support in terms of necessary spares, materials, tools and finance.

Avogadros & Pythagoras Ltd is a member of Soccul-Grado Ltd, Nels' Conglomerates, Tzera Telecoms, El-Polanja Hotels, and Magana-Sirera Beauty Products, Incorporated As A Limited Liability Company With Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) Under The Company And Allied Matters Act 1990 Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria With Registration Number RC: 1470561.