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We develop lands, sell and manage properties. We are actively involved with building designs and constructions of various types and uses vis-à-vis Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Mixed Use Developments, Religious, Educational, Recreational and Wellness Facilities etc. Our partner is a reputable Chinese building construction company with a track record in real estate which specializes in prefabricated buildings (Modular and Container Homes) such as; Convenience Kiosks, Access Control House, Camp, Villa, Headquarters Camp, Multi-Function Showroom, Fire Station, Sales Office, Landscape Hotel, Exhibition Hall, Science House, Office Camp, Sales Office, Engineering Camp, Factory Premises, Conference Kiosk, Access Control Room, Toilet, etc.

Modular is a construction method that involves constructing sections away from the building site, then delivering them to the intended site. ...Modular buildings, also called prefabricated homes or precision built homes, are built to equal or higher standards as on-site stick-built homes. The Modular House consists of a roof, foundation, columns and wall panels using the modular concept and technology. Every part is normal and we can assemble them easily. The house can be combined like building blocks to make it have different shapes. Modular homes are more eco-friendly than traditional building materials such as  bricks and cement. Although prefabricated, each design is different and custom.  Our pre-designed models are starting points, then they’re totally customized. They’re not one size fits all; no two are the same. Click to view our works. Homes, Modular Schools, Showrooms & Offices, Shopping Malls & Factories, Camps, Hostels, Schools.


There Is Current Crisis Of Housing And Urban Development In The Country. The Crisis Resulted From Rapid Rate Of Urbanization, Uncontrolled Nature Of Development, Gross Inadequacy In The Availability Of Decent Houses And Services For This Urban Population And Explosion In The Number And Size Of Slums And Squatter Settlements In Most Nigerian Cities.Governmental Effort Had Had Very Limited Impact On The Housing Needs And Demand Especially For The Low And Middle Income Groups In Our Cities. Moreover, Many Of The More Recent Housing Projects Of Government Ended Up In Various Stages Of Incompletion And Remain Painful Eyesores On The Nation’s Landscape.

By The Year 2022, More Than Half Of The Total Population Of Nigeria Will Live In Towns And Cities. Housing This Additional Population Along With The Unfulfilled Housing Expectations Of Present Urban Residents Must Pose Problems Of Unprecedented Proportions. Clearly, Such A Gargantuan Task Can No Longer Be Left To The Vagaries And Spasmodic Interest Of Different Regimes Of Government. It Was For This Reason That Government Came To The Conclusion That From Now On Private Sector Real Estate Developers Must Be Given The Opportunity To Take The Lead In Providing Houses On A Massive Scale For Nigerians To Buy, If Home Ownership Is To Be Strongly And Widely Prompted In The Country. And One Of The First Acts Of The Presidential Technical Committee In Implementing The New Policy Has Been To Promote The Establishment Of The Real Estate Developers Association Of Nigeria Of which we are among.

We are the best furniture makers in the world with our manufacturing company based in Turkey. Our products are of high standards and prices are unbeatable with delivery from Turkey just on point. We are the largest and one-stop marketplace for Furniture, Home wares & Interior Decoration items in Nigeria featuring highly-customisable, quality and affordable items made by skilled craftsmen.

Our Products Are Dining Table, Sofa, Bed, Side Stool, Office Furniture, Cupboard, Wardrobe, Kitchen Cabinet, Office Equipment, Interior Decoration, Living Room Furniture, Couches, Bedroom Sets,  Mattresses, Twin, Dining Room, Bar Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Patio, Outdoor Furniture, Chairs, Sectionals, Desks, Bathroom Furniture, Cabinets, Baker's Rack, Bookcase, Cabinetry, Chiffon Robe, Closet, Curio Cabinet, Hutch, Hoosier Cabinet, Pantry, Pie Safe, Chest Of Drawers, Dresser, Chest,  Cellarets, Hope Chest, Coat Rack, Drawer, Hall Tree, Hat Stand, Bunk Bed,  Canopy Bed, Four-Poster Bed, Murphy Bed, Platform Bed, Sleigh Bed, Waterbed, Daybed, Futon, Hammock, Headboard, Infant Bed, Crib, Cradle, Sofa Bed, etc. Click to view our galleryCatalog-1 Catalog-2. Catalog-3. Catalog-4.