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We are Security Systems experts. Our Headquarters is based in Israel, which is the best Security firm in the world. Uriel Bin founder and the CEO is a pioneer in the electronic security domain, with over four decades of experience in protecting airports and other sensitive installations, as well as private homes in Israel and overseas. Arik Shaked (Res), Dept Armoured Command Division (Israel Defence Force) IDF is the Chairman of the Board. Chinedu Zerubbabel Akunesiobike, CEO Avogadros & Pythagoras Ltd is the Appointed Representative in Nigeria.

We developed a worldwide unique technology for electronic detection fencing. The technology was developed by a D-fence shareholder who originally developed the Magal technology. Based on our technology and products, we also developed our control systems which are the basis for integrating and providing full turn key projects. Such projects include: Airports, Power Stations, Oil Installations, Government and Industry, Private Houses and Mansions, Cellular Telephony Installations, Water Installations and more. Projects were executed in Israel, Europe, South America Korea, and United States. D-fence, as part of its project practice, provides full turn-key solutions for installations including, Command and Control systems, CCTV, Communications, Perimeter Detection, access control and more.

In most cases we use our lead technology which has proven to lead to the apprehension of intruders and perpetrators under the hardest conditions including crashing a vehicle into the fence and their subsequent later return to enter the premises. Our systems, contrary to most competitors, works with Zero False Alarms under conditions of ground movement, vegetation, rain, train vibrations, strong winds, airplane jets, etc. Our proprietary technology is implemented within our sensors and field processors providing electronic signals proportional to the force applied on the sensor and the field processor with the proprietary software.

Communications and power supply are designed to avoid system shutdown or malfunction following perpetrator attempts. The systems are easily used to protect tunnels, water passes and more. Our customer benefits are high level security while retaining low Total Cost of Ownership. Executed projects include borders, military and government installations, electrical power stations, oil installations, coal mines and respective transportation, airports, industrial facilities, VIP residences and much more. Projects and clients include: Border protection (IDF), Vodafone telecom (Portugal), PEMEX (Mexican Oil Co.), CFE, (Mexico Electricity Co.), Coal Mines (Cerrejon-Puerto Bolivar, Colombia), Tel Aviv, Airport, Yeosoo and Yeng Yeng airports in Korea and many more. Here are some video clips of our products: Pipeline Drones Aeronautics, Pressure Strip Security System, Pipeline Monitoring & Protection System, Truck Strip PIDS Security System, Integral Home Protection (Chinese).


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Introducing Watchlock Cube SMS-GPS Padlock

WatchLock Monitoring
After the unit is operating, you can monitor its status on Contguard Online. Contguar. Online is a web based fleet management application with a flexible event generator, which allows setting customizable notifications and alerts. In your browser, go to​  ​​  Enter your username and password in the Username and Password fields, and click Sign in. Go to the Resources section. The Resources section shows all your units.The last Message field displays the time and date of the last message transmitted by The unit. If the unit transmitted successfully, you will see the time and date in this field.

NOTE: It might take a few minutes for the information to be updated on Contguard Online after the unit transmits. Click on the unit name in the Name field. The pop-up menu appears. Click the Map. You will be taken to the Map page, where you will see your unit on the Map. After the unit has transmitted for some time, you can run a report to see its history. Click on the unit name in the Name field. The pop-up menu appears. Click the Report. You will be taken to the Reports page. Select History – Technical from the Report dropdown menu (this is the most detailed report). Select the date range and press Generate. The unit history report will be generated. Evaluation Kits include:

With a clean slate and a sharpened pencil you take a close look at the bank’s video surveillance needs. The main use of this system will be for facility security – i.e. to discourage robberies and to assist in prosecution of suspects should an incident occur. Hopefully this won’t ever occur, but lots of other things do happen on a regular basis.

Identity fraud is a front page issue now and is on the increase as the economy struggles along. There are dozens of variations on this theme. Was it a family member or the guy that pumped the gas into your car this morning? When a customer wants to know what happened to their account, stored video from both the ATM and inside the branch can be an invaluable tool. Keep your camera angles low whenever possible. If someone is hiding beneath a baseball cap you want to be looking straight at them, not from above. Taking some tips from the casino industry, you’ll want a transactional camera aimed at the counter to record any exchange of cash and documents. If you train your tellers to count cash out in the middle of the counter you will have a clear record of each transaction, time synchronized to the transaction tape from the POS system. At the end of the day if the till is out of balance, you can quickly review each transaction, customer by customer.