Solar Energy

We sell, install and maintain solar energy for corporate organizations, individuals and government agencies Why spend too much money on power generators? when you can have consistent energy supply with our solar energy. It is cheap and reliable, better for the environment. Solar electricity is one way to power your home or business that benefits the environment. There are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because the electricity is made from sunlight rather than burning fossil fuels. Sunlight is a renewable energy source, meaning we will never run out of it. Among all the benefits of solar panels, the most important thing is that solar energy is a truly renewable energy source. It reduces Electricity Bills, Diverse Applications, Low Maintenance Costs, Technology Development and Weather Dependent. 

Total electrical independence starts here. We have carefully designed and engineered all of our pre-packaged off-grid solar power systems to be faster and easier to install. Our Off-Grid Solar kits produce zero emissions, are noiseless and equipped with all-in-one packaging solution for quick and easy installation. Standard Grid-tie systems will not provide electricity directly to your house during a power outage due to safety regulations (anti islanding) even if the solar modules are producing DC current. Our Off-Grid systems are independent of the standard utility grid and can typically deliver the equivalent expectations of the traditional grid. Whether you will be using an off-grid solar system for your remote cabin, your place of business, or your full-time residence, We have an off-grid solution that can fit any installation requirement. Our Off-grid kits have the capability to be expanded if future energy storage is required.


  Become completely energy independent
  Reduce the burning of fossil fuels for a
healthier environment
  Eliminate the problems of grid blackouts

  Installation sites where bringing in the
electricity from the grid is too expensive or
  Locations where liquid fuel costs are too
high or difficult to maintain
  Those looking to be completely
independent from the grid
  Those who cannot afford to lose power or
have power outages

Solar Powered Street Lights | Modern and
Eco-Friendly Lights

We are a leading supplier of solar LED lighting systems  engineered  for  outdoor  off-grid  lighting applications. Trusted by municipal, government and commercial agencies in Western Australia and beyond, our solar LED lighting systems are engineered for outdoor off-grid lighting  applications.  Also,  our  systems  deliver specified-grade  performance  and  feature  advanced occupancy  sensing  technology,  making  them  ideal for street, parking lot, park and pathway application.

There are countless opportunities for solar powered LED lighting in public areas, especially those that are away from easily accessed sources of hardwired power. These  can  include  parks  and  picnic  areas,  off leash  dog  exercise  areas, skateboard parks and children's play areas.

The Solar LED lighting system meets the requirements of street lighting standards while  avoiding  expensive  installation  costs  associated  with  traditional  grid powered  lights.  Solar  lighting  also  delivers  the  energy  savings  and  reduced carbon footprints that communities and utilities seek. Roadways where electrical grid power is unavailable, unreliable or costly to access, make our solar LED lighting  system  the  ideal  solution:  installing  easily,  requiring  minimal maintenance, and having zero dependence on the electrical grid. Our  system  takes  the  load  and  losses  out  of  your  power  grid  system  easing LOWERING the need for diesel power generation due to losses over long lengths of in ground or overhead power lines.


We are in business with CONSISTENT ENERGY LTD, a leading name in the Solar Energy sector in Nigeria, empowering Nigeria's MSMEs and off grid communities through the application of solar energy technologies. We are also in business with HYBRID POWER AUSTRALIA (HPA) a solar energy giant in Australia. Our aim is to become Nigeria's leading provider of solar products and services, with  projects potentially spanning all 36 States and the Federal Capital by 2025.

•According to NESP report, Nigeria with a population of over 180 million people, over 60% of the population has no access to on-grid energy while about 90% of those have access enjoyed less than 4 hours of energy supply daily, thus qualifying for classification as off grid locations.
•The non availability of power has forced SMEs and many households to depend on generators and fossil fuels as sources of power with power accounting for up to 30% of operating costs of some MSMEs.
•In the past ten years, Nigeria’s electricity demand has grown by over 40 percent, population by over 10% while power generation has moved from about 5GW to 7GW but transmission is still low. 
•Global use of solar energy has expanded ten times the rate of investment in fossil fuels. Experts predict that Nigeria’s electricity demand could triple by 2025.

Business Model
•Rent-to-own or leasing option through Pay-As-You-Go technology
•Beneficiary makes down payment of 20%-30% and system is installed. Monthly payment over 2-4 years through mobile money
•After full payment, system is opened and client continues to use the technology for the lifetime of the asset
•Partnership with banks, microfinance institutions, cooperatives, groups and associations to achieve last mille distribution
•Warranty and after-sales services will be offered on installations
•Assets insurance to take care of theft, damage, act of God, etc
•Company will partner with mobile  money organisations or telecoms providers for seamless remittance
•Ownership transferred to beneficiaries after full repayment